Liege Shopping and Districts

(Liege, Wallonia, Belgium)

View of the River MarketMany visitors find that shopping in Liege is the perfect afternoon activity, particularly when combined with a lunchtime meal. Plenty of shops are based within central Liege, and if you are planning to sample some famous Belgian chocolates and purchase some exquisite crystal, you won't be disappointed. However, do stick to the smaller chocolate shops, where it is more likely that the Belgian chocolates are actually handmade and completely authentic.

Following the trends of many modern cities, Liege has chosen to build a number of modern shopping centres on the very outskirts of the city. Some of the most popular of these malls include the Angleur, Boncelles and Rocourt.

Picture showing crowds at the River Market

Where to Shop

Although there are now a number of shopping malls outside of the city centre, most visitors will find that there is no real need to venture far.

Endless shopping opportunities present themselves around the centrally located Place Saint Lambert and also the Place Cathédrale, both of which are always bustling with crowds on Saturday mornings.

The Saint Lambert Galleries are especially popular in Liege city centre, while close by, further shops can be found along the Rue Féronstrée and also around the St. Gilles area. Be sure also not to miss the Liege open market, which is amongst Belgium's biggest and busiest markets, and famed for its food and local Belgian produce.