Liege Restaurants and Dining

(Liege, Wallonia, Belgium)

Photo of the city centreAlthough Liege may not be as large as nearby Brussels, it certainly tries to compete gastronomically, with plenty of restaurants and quality dining options for visitors to choose from. Belgian cuisine is renowned across Europe and when dining out, you will soon realise that restaurants in Liege are quite generous with their portions, which can be rather filling.

In general, most of the food served in the city's best Belgian eateries is greatly influenced by season, with game featuring heavily in the autumn, hearty soups and warming stews in the winter months, and light salads, fresh bread and steamed asparagus in the spring and summer. However, if Belgian fare is not for you, Liege does offer numerous fast-food outlets and international restaurants, which prove to be good alternatives for many visitors.

View of central Place Cathedrale

Where to Eat

The best restaurants in Liege are predictably clustered around the city centre, with a number actually residing within some of the better hotels and along the Rue St. Jean en Isle. In particular, fine dining presents itself across the River Meuse, in the city's Outermeuse district, with a good selection to be found lining the cobblestone street of Rue Roture.

Look out for restaurants serving 'boulets sauce lapin' - this is a particular speciality of Liege and consists of pork meat balls, served with a rich beer sauce, prunes and French fries.