Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Hong Kong

(Hong Kong, China)

Photographic view of Hong Kong's Victoria HarbourHong Kong is a well-established hub for medical tourism, although it is better known for quality and cutting-edge procedures than for cost. Cancer treatment is the forte of this city, which boasts one of the world's most innovative new centres that combines traditional Chinese methods with modern treatments.

While not as cheap as neighbouring Thailand or India, Hong Kong's medical treatment is still more affordable than treatment in the West. Its hospitals and doctors are top-class, offering pre- and post-operative care that rivals anything in the world. Medical tourists also like the fact that Hong Kong is a vibrant city and a wonderful place to recover.

There are more than a dozen private hospitals in Hong Kong specialising in medical tourism and all of these are approved by the UK's Trent Accreditation Scheme. Several of these are also accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). The standards maintained by this certification are the highest in the world, ensuring every aspect of the healthcare process is excellent. In addition, there are over 40 public hospitals that are very competent.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

Hong Kong's main advantage is the quality of its health care. The private hospitals cater to international patients with English-speaking doctors trained at the highest level. The costs for most procedures are often significantly cheaper than in Western countries. This is also one of the best-connected cities in the world, with frequent air travel linking every major city.

Visitors can be assured of top-flight facilities in all corners of the city. Accommodation is often luxury class, and the food is both diverse and delicious. Hong Kong is legendary for its shopping scene, as well as hot tourist attractions such as Victoria Peak, the Harbour and the Happy Valley Racetrack. There are endless ways to entertain yourself before and after medical treatment.

The infrastructure in Hong Kong is as good as it gets. The underground metro connects the entire city, and nearly everyone can speak English. These factors are a major draw for many people when choosing where to go for a surgical procedure. The city's hospitals are well-versed in dealing with foreigners and are known for their prompt, courteous service.

Medical Procedures

Hong Kong is the Asian centre for cancer treatment. The first non-governmental Chinese-Western Oncology Rehabilitation Centre was recently established here to provide subsidised care for cancer patients. Here, staff combine Chinese herbal therapy and acupuncture with cutting-edge cancer treatment techniques. The city's private and public hospitals also provide a full range of medical procedures, from cosmetic surgery to open-heart surgery and hip replacements. Dental surgery in Hong Kong is another popular sector, as is the ancient field of Chinese traditional medicine.


Hong Kong's private hospitals are the jewels in its medical tourism crown. They each offer the highest possible standards of health care, service and equipment. Union Hospital is one of those leading the way in medical tourism. Its five-star private ward is considered the principal facility in the city, and its Minimally Invasive Centre is a leader in this advanced form of surgery.

The Hong Kong Baptist Hospital is highly regarded for its superb service and complete range of medical procedures, both in the city and in Greater Asia. This was actually the city's very first private hospital and is now working with the Open University of Hong Kong to provide its nurses with the best training.