Aswan Shopping and Districts

(Aswan, Egypt)

Photo of local Egyptian traders selling their waresVisitors will always find that time spent shopping in Aswan is a memorable and enjoyable part of the Egyptian experience. Particularly popular in Aswan are the city's local markets, which are known as 'souqs'.

When exploring one of the many souqs, you will immediately notice a very relaxed atmosphere, with vendors selling a range of souvenirs and other goods without the hard-sell. Some of the shopkeepers operating at the souqs in Aswan are extremely friendly and may even enjoy trying to practice some of their finest English on you, or invite you for a cup of tea.

Image of shoppers in the city centre

Where to Shop

Shoppers should always try to haggle with the vendors, since many will expect you to try and negotiate a more favourable price. Many holiday makers find trying their hand at Egyptian bargaining a particular highlight of their vacation.

The main market in Aswan is known as the 'Sharia as-Souq' and whilst it hardly competes with markets in Cairo in terms of shopping opportunities, it is quite adequate and more than meets the needs of most tourists.

Picture of colouful Egyptian spicesPopular gift ideas for shoppers in Aswan include an array of Nubian handicrafts, which generally tend to be of a high standard, along with fruit, fragrant spices (such as hibiscus and saffron), lanterns, silk scarves, Nubian skullcaps, roasted peanuts and even hot, deep-fried snacks.

Many goods in this part of southern Egypt tend to be a little more expensive than more northerly cities, which is said to be due partly to higher shipping costs. However, time spent shopping at one of Aswan's souqs more than makes up for premium prices, and genuine bargains can often be both found and negotiated.