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Light show in Philae
The temple was fantastic, as was the light show. I found myself rather uncomfortable on the stone seats, and I would bring something soft to sit on if I were to go again. The show was great, but I almost booked it in a language i can't understand, so double check before you book. I've seen better shows, however, it was still one of the best I've seen, and it was worth the money, so if you plan on going to the temple, you should also see the show.
Posted on 2/9/2014 by Rafi

Temple of Philae
It was a bit hot when I went there, but that was just the time of year, so not a huge problem. I really enjoyed my time there and I preferred it to some more popular places I saw while in Egypt, as they were too busy and full of conmen. I didn't know what to expect from it and although I didn't enjoy it as much as some parts, it was still one of my favourite things I saw on holiday.
Posted on 2/9/2014 by Rafi

Temple on an island
The fact that the Temple of Philae is located on an island was enough for me to sign up to visit it, but there is so much more on offer once you arrive - such as the Temple of Isis and the High Dam. One for those with an interest in history, the Ancient Egyptians, and religious history.
Posted on 22/1/2012 by R Gretton

Small but to the point
As an African-American, visiting the Nubian Museum in Aswan was of great importance to me and answered a lot of the questions I've had in my head with regards to the role of my people in the times of Ancient Egypt and the standing they assumed in society back then. Unforgettable.
Posted on 30/5/2011 by R Dufrais

Re. Striking
Hello Lisa, just wondered if you tried the Edfu Sound and Light Show while you were there at the temple? Definitely added the finishing touch for me. It only opened this month though, so not sure if you were lucky enough to catch it or not?
Posted on 20/4/2010 by Rebecca Mann

They say that when you've seen one temple, you've seen 'em all but this couldn't be further from the truth in Edfu Temple's case and I chose it over Karnak as my overall favourite in Aswan. Just a shame about the rude vendors that wouldn't take no for an answer!
Posted on 12/4/2010 by Lisa Gibbons

A haven
We decided to spend one day of our time in Aswan on Kitchener's Island. This was among the more cooling destinations Aswan has on offer and played host to its lush botanical gardens. Just 50 miles from Aswan centre, if you're looking into visiting.
Posted on 3/3/2009 by R Bebbenhatch