Getting Around, Uganda Travel, Transport and Car Rental

(Uganda, UG, East Africa)

Travelling around Uganda should be a relatively straightforward affair, particularly for those who are prepared to give their travel plans a little prior thought.

A combination of both private and public transport is available, enabling tourists to reach most towns and cities in the country, as well as major attractions.

In some cases, however, public transport can take longer, so a little patience is often required. Alternatively, consider joining an organised coach tour.

Entebbe International Airport (EBB)

Address: Kampala Road / Buku Road, Entebbe, Uganda, UG, Africa
Tel: +256 312 / 414 352000
Entebbe International Airport is the gateway into Uganda. Flights operate to and from other African cities, including Johannesburg, Khartoum and Cairo, as well as a range of international destinations, such as Amsterdam, London and Dubai. Taxi transport is available at the airport, as are various Airport Link services. Of note, the journey from the airport to the centre of Kampala takes around 30 minutes.

The main airports in Uganda are:

Car Rental

A good road system exists between most towns and cities, so road travel is certainly an option for getting around the country. That said, road quality isn't quite so good in the north and north-east of Uganda, particularly during the rainy season.

With regard to safety, car accident rates are quite high in Uganda, with particular hazards including livestock on the road and night-time driving. Tourists planning to visit more remote areas of the country may be better advised to hire a car and driver, rather than a car alone.

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Buses and Coaches

It is possible to travel from other African cities to Uganda by both bus and coach. Currently, a few major bus companies run from Kampala to Nairobi, with the journey taking approximately 13 hours. Buses are also available to take travellers to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Bujumbura (Burundi).

Domestic bus travel is relatively cheap. However, if you are in a hurry to travel between Ugandan towns and cities, it may not be the best option. Buses often don't run to schedule and they can take longer than other forms of transport.


Train services between Kampala and Nairobi were set up over 100 years ago and once ran regularly. Today, however, no passenger trains operate on this route.


Uganda is awash with 'boda-bodas', which are basically motorcycle taxis that are often used for short journeys. Though cheap and extremely convenient, there are concerns about the safety of tourists using this form of transport and travellers are advised to be cautious about their use.

Shared minibuses are a good way of travelling between Kampala and other major Ugandan cities, bridging the gap between private taxis and domestic bus services. Even cheaper still, Post Bus taxis are also available.


Ferries used to be a common sight plying the waters of Lake Victoria. In recent years, though, such services have dwindled in number. That said, a few relatively new ferry services now operate. These include the Uganda Government-owned ferry that operates free of charge between Bukakata in Masaka and Luku on Buggala Island. This journey takes 20 minutes.

EarthWise Ferries now also operates services to Bukebe, Bukasa and Bufumira within the Ssese Islands.