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Downtown photo of NairobiOnce a colonial town with something of a wild reputation, today's Nairobi is a more modern, cosmopolitan city dominated by a skyline made up of high rises. For most visitors, Nairobi is the first glimpse they get of Kenya before they head off on safari. Indeed, it is often known as Africa's safari capital. However, Nairobi is more than just a gateway to the rest of Kenya.

The city supports a lively cultural scene, as well as modern shopping facilities and a busy nightlife. Visitors who tire of too much urban hustle and bustle can easily escape to the suburbs and Nairobi's nearby national park, where they'll be able to discover the city's greener, more natural side.

Image of Nairobi's August 7th Memorial Park

Tourism and General Information

Nairobi started out life as a shanty town which acted as a depot for the emergent East African Railway company. That was back in 1899. Just over a hundred years later, it is finally managing to shake off its frontier town feel. Nowadays, Nairobi has plenty of commercial and industrial interests and is at the forefront of Kenyan politics.

Over a million people reside within the inner city limits, with two million more living in the greater Nairobi region. Indeed, Nairobi is reputed to be East Africa's most highly populated city. Nairobi city centre is quite small and laid out in a grid pattern, and so navigating on foot isn't a problem. The City Square district is where you will find most of the more upmarket shops and restaurants, as well as banks and government buildings.

Nairobi picture showing the Parliament BuildingsNairobi's city centre is encircled by several suburban residential neighbourhoods. The leafy areas of the city's southern suburbs are very different from the bustling urban sprawl of the inner city, or the more densely populated districts to the east. The colonial villas that can be found in the wealthier neighbourhoods of Karen and Lang'ata give them rather a genteel air, making them particularly appealing to visitors.

A range of attractions makes up an interesting itinerary for anyone who plans to spend at least a few days in Nairobi. These include Kenya's National Museum, the Railway Museum, the Village Market and the Nairobi National Park, the first park of its kind to be established in Kenya.