Uganda Restaurants and Dining

(Uganda, UG, East Africa)

When it comes to dining out, Uganda's restaurants and eateries can offer something to suit everyone's tastes, from typical Ugandan dishes to international cuisine.

By far the widest variety of food can be found in the capital city of Kampala. Eating out in Uganda can seem like very good value for foreign travellers.

Often, however, some patience is required as freshly prepared food can take more time to arrive than you are used to back home.

When to Eat / Opening Hours

Many local dining establishments in Uganda serve meals seven days a week, opening around 07:00 in the morning and closing at 21:00.

International-style restaurants tend to take a break in the middle of the day, opening for lunchtime service between 11:30 and 14:30 and for evening service from 17:30 to 22:30. Worth noting, a few restaurants do not open at lunchtime at all.

What to Eat

Each region of Uganda has its own distinctive style of cooking. On a country wide basis, however, certain traditional foods do dominate the dining table, including mashed plantain known as 'matooke', and those other African staples, sweet potatoes, cassavas and yams. These are usually served with peanut sauce or a vegetable-based bean sauce. Fish, chicken, mutton and beef also form part of the traditional Ugandan diet.

Notable snacks include chapatis, samosas and a sort of doughnut known as 'mandazi'. Ice cream is also very popular in Kampala, as are cakes and pastries, introduced into Uganda during colonial times.

Where to Eat

For a mid-sightseeing treat, head to one of Kampala's many ice cream parlours, including the fashionable Le Chateau restaurant.

In addition, Indian, Greek, French and Italian restaurants are all popular for city dining. In fact, there are numerous Chinese restaurants and eateries in the city, including Fang Fang, which is widely considered to be among the best. Kampala's hotels also tend to have their own restaurants that serve Ugandan food, as well as buffets and barbecues.

Away from the bright lights of Kampala, luxury options for dining out may be more limited. However, even in small towns around Uganda, there will always be an option to find a decent meal. The ubiquitous African roadside food stalls also help stave off the hunger pangs come meal times. If you happen to be in or around Kabale, the Hot Loaf Bakery has a reputation for turning out tasty pastries and pizzas.