Seattle Restaurants and Dining

(Seattle, Washington - WA, USA)

Renowned for its espresso, fresh salmon and international cuisine, Seattle has a myriad of restaurants and dining options for satisfying every taste and budget. Supplying nearly 50 percent of the country's seafood, Seattle is rampant with fresh fish specials and many downtown restaurants and cafés take advantage of the local fruits and vegetables sold in the Pike Place Market.

For a simple snack, coffee houses in Seattle occupy nearly every street corner in the entire city and typically offer some of the best homemade desserts. As Seattle is also ranked as having the largest per capita consumption of beer in America, the micro brewing industry is vibrant and widespread offering great Northwest flavors. The local wine varieties are also world renowned, with numerous vineyards located outside Seattle city.

Opening Hours

It is easy to find all night eateries throughout Seattle and a large number of coffee houses serve patrons 24 hours a day. In the downtown area, many breakfast and lunch restaurants cater to office workers and stay open during standard business hours, while the dinner venues tend to open mid-afternoon and continue serving until about 22:30. Late night diners in Seattle frequent the entertainment districts (Pioneer Square, Belltown and Queen Anne) which cater to partygoers until closing at 02:00.

Wine and Beer

Seattle has no shortage of night time entertainment venues, ranging from intimate bars to international pubs, upscale martini bars and local breweries. Downtown, Belltown, Queen Anne and Pioneer Square are popular destinations in Seattle for chic and yuppie revelers. Pioneer Square, known to be one of the best evening destinations, is lined with clubs and bar-hoppers can pay a single cover fee for access to seven different places. As Seattle is a hot spot for live music, many clubs host local and international bands throughout the week at affordable prices, with Ballard, Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square being the top locales for music lovers. For smoky bar rooms and pool halls, Seattle's Freemont, Capitol Hill and the University District are the places to visit.


Known as a haven for coffee houses and espresso bars, Seattle offers a plethora of breakfast options in nearly every neighborhood across the city. Downtown office buildings in Seattle feature bakeries and cafés catering to office workers, as well as a variety of restaurants hosting great brunches. Districts such as Freemont, Capitol Hill, Wallingford, Ballard and Queen Anne accommodate early risers with restaurants serving solely breakfast fare and offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. The University District of Seattle is also home to many cafés feeding hungry college students, while the International District hosts great dim sum meals.


Seattle's lunchtime fare varies from ethnic cuisine to intimate delis and fresh food markets. Pike Place market features an assortment of local foods for snacking as well as a myriad of friendly and informal seafood bars and delis. Neighborhoods home to younger residents and trendy Seattleites, such as Capitol Hill, Ballard, Freemont, Wallingford and the University District, have a great selection of international restaurants offering set menus at affordable prices. The ever present cafés in Seattle also feature inexpensive classic quiches, gourmet sandwiches, soups and salads.


Downtown Seattle is furnished with upscale establishments providing fresh seafood, fine steaks and sushi, as well as many brewpubs featuring great all-American hamburgers and French fries, most notably around the SODO district. Around the waterfront area and spreading into West Seattle are countless seafood bistros offering unique daily specials of varying fresh fish and great local wine varieties. In many of the entertainment districts, such as Pioneer Square, Belltown and Queen Anne, late night fine dining venues and trendy bars offer unique cuisine and a healthy drink list, serving Seattle until the early hours of the morning.