Columbus Restaurants and Dining

(Columbus, Ohio - OH, USA)

Columbus is often referred to as the fast-food capital of the world, with many well-known high-street chains and fast-food restaurants. However, the city of Columbus is actually home to a lively restaurant and dining scene, boasting a wide range of cuisine from around the world.

Restaurants in Columbus are particularly concentrated in Short North, German Village and Downtown.

Opening Hours

Cafés, coffeehouses and bakeries in Columbus open early for breakfast, with many staying open throughout the day. Most restaurants in Columbus open for lunch and dinner, while many places stay open late, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Wine and Beer

With its large student population, Columbus heats up after dark and offers a great range of nightlife and dining options. These range from live music and theater performances, to the brewpubs, bars and clubs concentrated in the German Village, Short North, the Brewery District, and in and around Ohio State University.


Downtown Columbus and the Ohio State University area are the best places to head for breakfast, with a wide choice of bakeries, cafés and diners catering to the business and student crowds.


Many of Downtown's cafés also stay open for lunch, while delicatessens in Columbus are popular for a quick sandwich. Other popular places for lunch in Columbus are the charming restaurants of the German Village and the hip cafés and restaurants of Short North. Of course, there are also plenty of fast-food dining venues throughout central Columbus.


Columbus is home to a large number of excellent restaurants, some say the most per capita in the country, serving up a myriad of dishes from around the world. Again, many people head for the fine restaurants located in the German Village area of Columbus, although the Brewery District is also popular for fancy pub fare and microbrew beers.