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Martha's Vineyard
Gay Head has got a really lovely beach and we spent an entire afternoon there. We didn't quite brave the nudist section though! Maybe next time. The clay cliffs were lovely and some people were covering themselves in the clay, baking themselves in the sun, and then having a quick swim to wash it off. The sea was a bit chilly though.
Posted on 7/2/2008 by Ruby Jelone

Flying Horses in Martha's Vineyard
America's oldest carousel is the Flying Horses and it is lovely that it has such a long and interesting history. There are more than 20 wooden horses on the carousel and they even have actual real horse hair. It was quite beautiful. It is on Oak Bluffs Avenue and is open from the Easter weekend, right up until Columbus Day. Very cheap, very enjoyable, plenty of popcorn and candy floss to go round.
Posted on 21/10/2007 by Charlotte

Hiring a boat and cruising around
When people come to Martha's Vineyard, lots don't even consider renting a boat for the day and heading out to sea - and they really should. Take a cruise around the Vineyard Sound. You can manage to reach some really quiet beaches and coves. There are various packages available, and of course you can always join a cruise if this sounds a bit to much for you. It was quite easy, not too costly and a good day out.
Posted on 5/6/2007 by Samuel

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