Annapolis Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Annapolis, Maryland - MD, USA)

Annapolis is given character by its diverse array of neighborhoods and districts. The heart of Annapolis is the City Dock area, which enjoys a pleasant setting on the central waterfront. Most of the city's accommodation is located in downtown, situated on a peninsula that juts out between the Severn River and Spa Creek.

The US Naval Academy is also located on this peninsula and is home to several attractions. Located just off Church Circle is West Street, one of the top destinations in Annapolis and home to a great selection of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. To the southeast, across from Spa Creek, lies Eastport, the center of the city's thriving boating and yachting industry.

City Dock

City Dock is the center of life in Annapolis and a favorite place for locals and visitors alike. This is the dock where Kunte Kinte stepped off the slave ship in Alex Haley's 'Roots' and there is a memorial to Mr. Haley in the area. A wide variety of favorite restaurants can be found in this attractive waterfront district. Shopping is another reason why City Dock is so popular and there are some great shops scattered throughout the area. This is the best place to watch the many boat shows in Annapolis and City Dock often hosts the US Naval Academy Band.

Downtown District

Home to a great selection of hotels, restaurants and shops, the downtown district of Annapolis is the beating heart of the city. Downtown Annapolis is dominated by two structures, the State House and St. Anne's Episcopal Church. These buildings and the circular streets around them form the core of the city. Most of the city's shopping centers and boutiques can be found here, as well as many important historic sites. St. John's College lies at the north end of downtown, accompanied by pubs and coffee shops.

Eastport District

Southeast of the city center, across from Spa Creek, you will find the neighborhood known as Eastport. The Eastport district of Annapolis is home to a diverse, eclectic community where wealthy bankers and rough crabbers rub elbows. This is the center of the Annapolis boating community and there are a large number of companies offering yacht charters in the area. The city has been an important sea port since its inception and much of the city's rich maritime history is visible in this neighborhood. There are plenty of excellent seafood restaurants located right along the waterfront where you can sample the day's fresh catch.

US Naval Academy

King George Street separates downtown Annapolis from the US Naval Academy, where America's naval officers receive their training. The area from Wagner Street to Buchannan Road is largely given over to student residences, but the Academy itself has a number of attractions, including the grave of famous American patriot John Paul Jones.

West Street

This area has recently become a hot spot in Annapolis, with a large number of trendy restaurants, art galleries and nightclubs. This is an excellent place to browse, eat, drink or just walk around and enjoy the charm of the city. West Street draws a diverse crowd of people including cadets from the US Naval Academy and students from St. John's College, as well as professionals and visitors.