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Sarasota Visitor Center on the North Tamiami TrailW
When we got here we went to the visitor center to get some maps and leaflets and things. The staff we very nice and helpful, and I also bought some cheap postcards there.
Posted on 30/1/2008 by Alison Crossley

When we went to the Ringling Museum of Art
This has got to rate as one of the best museums in Florida. The Ringlings were a couple who loved art and over the years managed to get together quite an impressive collection. They left everything to the state, including their lovely seafront mansion. Apparently the tapestries by Rubens were very important. There were a lot of old religious paintings, lovely grounds and a sculpture garden. We went there on a sunny day and the sculptures were amazing.
Posted on 22/8/2007 by John Boy

Go deep in the Jungle Gardens, nr University Parkway
You sure can have some jungle fun here. This zoo has a lot of lush tropical plants and flowers, pathways and some animals, like flamingos, parrots and birds and some really cute prarie dogs. We had a nice meal at the Flamingo Cafe and watched a repitile show.
Posted on 19/4/2007 by Iwein

Sarasota Mote Marine Aquarium - A fishy attraction
This is part of the Mote Marine Laboratory and is in fact where they learn all about the local marine life. We learnt a lot about what was swimming around in the waters nearby. There were manatees, dolphins, sharks, turtles and all the usual kind of thing. What I enjoyed most was my creamy clam chowder in the Deep Sea Diner Restaurant - fabulous.
Posted on 30/11/2006 by Sebastian Love

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