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Real Insight On The Economy Paring Site At Miami International Airport
Of the three major airports in South Florida, the economy parking at MIA is the worst. Vehicle parking area and location unmarked, no time stamp marking of parking checkout ticket let alone a person working the booth for those who arrive or depart for flight during late night or early morning hours, only one marked pickup location from the terminal and no Sunpass payment option at that location. The amount of time calculated for parking is dependent on how well the cashier can decipher what a security guard wrote on your ticket when one is parking. I was glad I had enough cash to pay for the time I parked; would never used a credit card for payment at this lot. Hope there will be improvements in the future. This definitely a bad travel option locals who travel out of MIA and using a cab is not an option.
Unhappy returnee.
Posted on 1/6/2011 by Heath Barkley

The Miami Espanola Way
Espanola Way is near to the Washington Avenue and dates from the 1920s. We came here for nothing more than a simple wander and enjoyed its Spanish flavor and shops. It is pedestrianized and there are lots of places to eat out. These is a nice crafts market here on Saturdays and Sundays. It was nice and shady, out of the hot Florida sunshine.
Posted on 31/1/2008 by Ellie Smile

Miami Beach - So Much To Do
There is just so much to do around Miami Beach, other than just sunbathing. The beach can get really, really busy and the mall of Espanola Way in nearby if you feel like experiencing a bit of character away from the beachfront itself. Lots of people were eating outside and seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Posted on 23/9/2007 by Lucy Runnend

Espanola Way
Espanola Way is a charming little area with some lovely Spanish inspired, pinkish buildings. There are lots of popular cafes and boutiques here. We went into a couple of the art galleries and bought a nice little painting as a souvenir, for not a lot of money. This is an charming part of the city and was recommended to me, and now I am recommending it to you.
Posted on 14/4/2007 by Lauren Mead

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