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The lower section of the famous Snowmass Creek Trail is a good part to hike. This is generally said to be the most gentle part of th hiking trail and is indeed quite gentle when you start. It does get a bit harder later on though - if you have the energy. Look out for evidence of the native beavers.
Posted on 18/12/2007 by Kim

Aspen and the Maroon Bells
The Maroon Bells Snowmass is a vast area of nearely 200,000 acres and features lots of natural beauty, like Alpine flowers, lakes, tundra spaces, rocky cliffs and some lush national forests. The Maroon Bells are the mountain peaks, which tower high above the Maroon Lake and the glacial valley. The Maroon Creek Road is well signed.
Posted on 6/6/2007 by Anon

The Maroon Bells - Close by and worth the effort
We drove out of Aspen to find the illusive Maroon Bells that we'd heard so much about. They were much nearer than I expected and are what people take the most photgraphs of. You can get here by tour bus if you like and these leave every 30 minutes or so. We went along Highway 82 and enjoyed the breathtaking views.
Posted on 3/12/2006 by Jill Willmott

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