Aspen Restaurants and Dining

(Aspen, Colorado - CO, USA)

Given the likely clientele found at Aspen, dining in the town's numerous restaurants here can be an extravagant and expensive experience, but only if you want it to be.

Aspen is also home to many affordable eateries and dining venues, as well as exclusive restaurants. Despite the town's relatively small size, practically every type of cuisine is represented here in one way or another, with the number of different restaurants being simply astounding.

Opening Hours

Restaurants in Aspen are open throughout the winter ski season and during the summer, but out of season things tend to slow down and some establishments close temporarily or shorten their opening hours.

Cafés and other eateries in Aspen open early for breakfast, catering for those keen to hit the slopes, while restaurants open for lunch and dinner, with many places staying open late, especially on Fridays and Saturdays during peak seasons.

Wine and Beer

There is no shortage of nightclubs, cocktail bars and pubs in Aspen, with many offering live entertainment and staying open late. The more sophisticated and upmarket bars offer a great variety of boutique beers and fine selections of wine. Aspen also features a good selection of bottle shops.


Most visitors to Aspen tend to fuel up in the mornings at their respective hotels before hitting the slopes and the majority of hotels offer standard continental breakfasts. The downtown area is home to several cafés and coffee shops, popular for people watching and brunching.


All four skiing resorts in Aspen offer a variety of restaurants and eateries where you can take a break, have a great meal and relax before hitting the slopes, refreshed for the afternoon session. Many restaurants offer spectacular views of Aspen's surrounding mountainous scenery.


This is when the celebrities and other personalities come out to play and rest assured they don't do anything in halves. At night the town comes alive, with a host of lively dining venues where the local chefs strut their stuff. Aspen is saturated with world-class restaurants serving every type of dish imaginable, with the only limiting factor for us mere mortals being our wallets.