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Re. Beautiful but pick the right time to go!
The Eagle Falls Trail is beautiful and well-marked, M Stipe. Unlike some of the other outdoor areas around Lake Tahoe, like the one you mentioned, this is awesome even in the winter. As always, there are brilliant panoramic views.
Posted on 18/10/2011 by Graham Lynam

Beautiful but pick the right time to go!
We made the mistake of visiting Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay State Park in the winter, when it was incredibly cold, but we were still able to admire its beauty. Despite low temperatures, our time there was still relaxing and there were amazing views on offer.
Posted on 30/9/2011 by M Stipe

Top beach
You can see many people jumping into the water at Sand Harbour. Even though I'm too old for such monkey business, it was great to see the younger ones having a great time. I think that the large boulders definitely add to the beach's appeal.
Posted on 23/4/2010 by Eric B

A grand castle
I would recommend that you try and get in some sort of shape before tackling the hike to Vikingsholm - Emerald Bay's grand castle. As the name suggests, the building is Scandinavian-inspired. It is been around since 1929, so isn't too old whilst being well-maintained.
Posted on 19/9/2009 by Adam Yauchman

Great for the kids
Our kids loved the KidZone Museum and, even though they enjoyed our holiday, I think the afternoon we visited the attraction was the most excited I saw them in Lake Tahoe. Great for some indoor playtime while the adults sit and watch or get involved. Located in the Truckee part of Tahoe.
Posted on 16/3/2008 by Rachel Horowitz