Acapulco Photos

(Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico)

Picture of bayfront hotels in Acapulco
The bay and beaches of Acapulco have long been a major draw card to sun-seeking holiday makers. The bay itself is especially deep and semicircular in shape.

Coastal photo of Acapulco's bay
The bayfront is lined by an assortment of high-rise hotels, apartment blocks and resorts. Rooms with great sea views are readily available, although do expect to pay more for the scenery and sheer convenience of a location right next to the beaches.

Photo taken at the El Zocalo square
El Zocalo serves as the city's main public square and lies in the heart of Acapulco, where it has become an integral part of local celebrations and gatherings. Much of El Zocalo is shaded with exotic plants, trees and flowers. The central bandstand is usually home to live music each Sunday afternoon.

Image of local fishing boats in Acapulco
Fishing is a popular pastime with both locals and visitors alike. This image shows a gathering of fishing boats catering for tourists.

Photograph of the Playa Bonfil
The Playa Bonfil is just one of the region's plentiful stunning beaches. For just a small daily charge, tourists can rent a 'palapa' - a traditional Mexican shelter, which is usually topped with palm leaves and comes with its own table and chairs.

Pier view in Acapulco
The city's main pier is a hub of activity and popular restaurants are to be found close by, often featuring seafood on their menus. Many people come here to marvel at the views and soak up the atmosphere.

Photo of Acapulco's Playa Caleta resort
Many holiday makers choose to stay at the Playa Caleta resort, where hotels are in good supply and regularly feature their own outdoor swimming pools. Beaches are usually just a five-minute walk away from most hotels based here.

Summer picture of crowds on Acapulco's Playa Tlacopanocha
A small stretch of golden sand, the Playa Tlacopanocha is to be found directly to the south of the El Zocalo and is an interesting spot, where local fishermen are known to congregate. There are plenty of trees around the beachfront itself, providing shade when needed.

Fairmont Acapulco Princess Hotel picture
Offering luxury accommodation and recently renovated at the cost of US$30, the Fairmont Acapulco Princess Hotel ranks amongst the most noteworthy hotels in the whole of Latin America. The Fairmont stands on Revolcadero Beach and is around 20 minutes from the main downtown district.

View of the famous Quebrada Cliffs in Acapulco
The Quebrada Cliffs are famous in the city and crowds come here to watch the intrepid cliff divers jumping from the top and plunging into the waters below. Daily performances take place both by day and at night.

Photo of Acapulco cliff diver at the Quebrada Cliffs
This photograph shows the city's cliff divers in full leap, diving some 45 metres / 148 feet into the sea. Professional cliff divers have been performing here for almost 100 years, with these diving displays being clearly visible from the windows of an adjacent hotel restaurant.

Resort photo, taken in Acapulco
Outdoor swimming pools are always popular attractions within the city's leading resorts, even though the sea and beaches are so close. Tourists often favour these pools due to the privacy, facilities and onsite catering.

Image of Acapulco's Sinfonia outdoor theatre
The outdoor theatre known as the Sinfonia literally translates as 'Symphony of the Sea'. Although many open-air concerts and performances take place here, it also serves as the perfect place to enjoy a Mexican sunset in all its glory.