Acapulco Neighbourhoods, Locations and Districts

(Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico)

Birds-eye picture of Acapulco cityscapeAcapulco is generally split into three main districts, the Traditional Zone (the Old Acapulco district), the Golden Zone (the Dorado district) and the Diamond Zone (the Diamante district), and further divided into a series of smaller neighbourhoods. Also worth a look is Acapulco's suburb of Pie de la Cuesta, which features a number of dining establishments that overlook the seafront and provide good views.

For historical attractions, the Old Acapulco district is a great place for a stroll around, particularly around the cathedral. However, many tourists rarely venture out of the Golden Zone, where an excellent selection of beaches are to be found.

Photo of the Old District's Quebrada cliff stairs

Old Acapulco District (Traditional Zone)

Once named 'Acapulco Tradicional' and now often referred to as 'Acapulco Naútico', the Old Acapulco district is a particularly historic part of the city and filled with character. Located on the western side of the city, many of the main attractions lie within Acapulco's Traditional Zone, such as the Isla La Roqueta and its small zoo, the white Byzantine-style cathedral, the La Quebrada cliff divers' shows, and the beaches of Caleta, Caletilla, Hornitos, Hornos, La Angosta, Manzanillo, Tamarindos and Tlacopanocha.

Picture of the Golden Zone's Playa Condesa

Dorado District (Golden Zone)

The Dorado district is better known by tourists visiting Acapulco and the Golden Zone and is one of the city's biggest and most significant districts. This part of the resort is based around the Avenida Miguel Alemán (La Costera) and located next to Acapulco Bay (Bahia de Acapulco), directly east of the Playa Hornos.

Many upmarket restaurants and shops can be found here, along with endless mid-range hotels and regular events at the Centro Internacional de Convenciones Acapulco (International Convention Centre). Both the Playa Condesa and the Playa Icacos reside in the Golden Zone, along with the 'CiCi' Recreation Centre, which features water slides, pools and dolphin shows.

View of the Diamond Zone's Puerto Marques

Diamante District (Diamond Zone)

Acapulco's modern Diamante district or Diamond Zone is a relatively new luxury resort area and lies 18 km / 11 miles to the south-east of the city centre. Sandwiched between the airport and Acapulco Bay itself, this is an exclusive and rather affluent neighbourhood and boasts much of the region's luxury accommodation and large condo complexes. The Diamante district is also home to many enormous mansions and stylish houses, which often overlook the beautiful sandy Pichilingue beaches and are generally clustered around the Las Brisas area.

Superb vistas are to be found all around the Acapulco Diamond Zone, with views across the bay, the port of Acapulco and beyond. Many cocktail bars, quality restaurants, nightclubs and upmarket entertainment venues are to be found here, while the main attractions include water skiing around the Bahia de Puerto Marqués, swimming in the Barra Vieja lagoon, the contemporary-style Capilla de la Paz chapel on Fraccionamiento Las Brisas, the Fairmont Acapulco Princess Golf Course next to the Playa Revolcadero beach, and various art galleries.

Image showing the Pie de la Cuesta beachfront

Pie de la Cuesta District

Famous for its breathtaking sunsets and fishing, the Pie de la Cuesta district is a small village considered to be a suburb of Acapulco and located close to La Quebrada, some 15 km / 9 miles to the north of the city centre. With big waves and a strong undercurrent, the sea here is not suitable for swimming, although there is always plenty going on nearby. The Castillo del Rey León is a definite highlight in Acapulco's Pie de la Cuesta district, featuring volley courts on the Playa Pie de la Cuesta beachfront itself, along with playing fields and a good restaurant. Nearby, the Laguna de Coyuca is a vast freshwater lagoon and a haven for local wildlife.