Acapulco Events and Festivals

(Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico)

Photo showing the famous Quebrada cliff divingVisitors looking for things to do in Acapulco will not be disappointed once they discover the city's extensive calendar of local festivals and events. Each year, highlights include the Holy Week (Semana Santa) celebrations in April, the Acapulco Music Festival (Festivales de Acapulco) in May, and the spectacular cliff diving shows (La Quebrada), where brave and foolhardy locals jump from the top of high cliffs, diving some 30 metres / 100 feet into the waters below. This event is not to be missed and inexpensive to watch.

For the latest events listings and festivals information, look out for the local newspapers, such as both the Sol de Acapulco and also the Acapulco Novedades. Both of these newspapers also feature film times for the main cinemas fronting La Costera.

Acapulco Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015


  • Three Kings Day - early January, following on from the general Christmas festivities, the Three Kings Day is celebrated throughout Mexico and is a time for giving and receiving gifts. Many restaurants feature large buffets during the event


  • Candlemas - early February, national event featuring an afternoon parade along the Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán, with carnival floats, marching bands and costumed dancers. Fireworks over Acapulco Bay are a definite highlight
  • Acapulco Carnival - mid-February, taking place just before lent and lasting the whole week, featuring colourful carnival processions, food stalls, street entertainment and plenty of opportunities for partying


  • Festival Francés - March / April, a popular cultural event in Acapulco, celebrating everything French. A number of films are screened, fashion shows held and plenty of French haute cuisine is available to be sampled
  • Mexican Open Tennis Tournament - mid-May, clay-court tennis championship, attracting many famous players from around the world and taking place each year within the grounds of the Fairmont Princess Hotel


  • Semana Santa - early April, also known as Holy Week and featuring many Easter related events at the end of lent. Amongst the many highlights are artificial eggs filled with confetti, which are broken over people and always draw large crowds. During Semana Santa in Acapulco there is always plenty of action around the beaches and clubs
  • Tianguis Turistico - mid-April, the country's annual tourism trade fair takes place here during the second or third week each April
  • Children's Day - late April, a chance for children all around Acapulco to join in the fun and also try their hand at surfing


  • Festivales de Acapulco (Acapulco Music Festival) - mid-May, lasting around one week, this event features a selection of both international and Mexican music at various venues around the city centre
  • Annual Boat Show - mid-May, held each year at the Acapulco Yacht Club, featuring many spectacular boats of all sizes and prices
  • Skimfest - mid-May, an exciting surfing competition takes place in Acapulco around the Playa Condesa
  • Acafest - late May, annual musical festival drawing large crowds from all over the country


  • Festival de Cine Negro (Black Film Festival) - early June, with film screenings at various cinemas
  • Dia de la Marina - early June, a day of celebration in Acapulco and many other coastal towns and cities around Mexico's coastline, honouring the Mexican Navy


  • There are no significant events in Acapulco during the month of July


  • There are no significant events in Acapulco during the month of August


  • El Grito de Independencia - September 15th, a day when locals all over Acapulco gather to celebrate and shout 'Viva Mexico', with fireworks, food and excitement based around the Zócalo
  • Dia de la Independencia (Independence Day) - September 16th, a day of national celebrations, with festivities all around the city, lasting well into the early hours of the morning


  • Dia de la Raza - mid-October, a national holiday in Acapulco and throughout Mexico on October 12th, where streets are filled with crowds watching parades and celebrating this Mexican event, honouring Columbus and his discovery of Mexico. A fireworks display over the bay ends the day
  • State of Guerrero Anniversary - late October, an annual event dating back more than 150 years and based at the Convention Centre. Discounted admission is available at the History Museum, where fascinating information about Acapulco's past can be enjoyed
  • All Hallows Eve - October 31st, a Mexican version of Halloween, where children dress up as ghouls, ghosts, witches and skeletons. On All Hallows Eve, Acapulco also features ghostly parades and many themed parties
  • Acapulco Air Show - late October / early November, with exciting flight formations and aerobatics over Acapulco Bay


  • Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) - early November, an ancient Pre-Hispanic event where past lives are remembered. However, this is a fun time and you can expect live music, fiestas and parades, especially around the many cemeteries and the Zócalo (Plaza de la Constitucion)
  • The Mexican Revolution - mid-November, a patriotic Mexican festival with events held throughout central Acapulco, including a long parade, plenty of food, crafts stalls, music and fireworks around the Malecon area
  • Festival de Cine Francés (French Film Festival) - late November, with screenings of both feature-length films and short films from France


  • Posadas of Christmas - mid to late December, very much a part of the Christmas festivities in Acapulco, with a nativity procession leading towards the town square
  • Virgin of Guadalupe Festival / Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe - December 12th, based around the Costera Miguel Alemán, with carnivals, street parties, endless flowers, live music and plenty of tasty Mexican food, celebrating the Virgin of Guadalupe. Processions lead to the cathedral and feature children dressed in traditional costumes. A religious statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe stands underwater, close to Caleta Beach and can be viewed on this day by glass-bottom boats
  • Acapulco Fair - late December to early January, with carnival rides, games and many stalls based at the city's convention centre