Mexico City Shopping and Districts

(Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico)

Photo taken in the Chapultepec ParkIn most of the shops around Mexico City, the prices are fixed and clearly marked. However, when shopping at one of Mexico City's many street markets and bustling public markets (mercados), this is quite different and it is usual practice to negotiate over the price, particularly if you are intending to purchase several items. The main markets in Mexico City include the weekly Mercado Insurgentes, the Saturday market on the Plaza San Jacinto, and the Sunday market at the Plaza del Angel, all of which feature endless shopping opportunities.

The markets around Mexico City are worth visiting for their atmosphere and eclectic mixture of merchandise, where the sights, sounds and smells are all part of the experience. When shopping at these markets, you can expect to find everything from textiles and pottery, to spicy food and the freshest of fruit.

Different picture of Chapultepec Park

Where to Shop

Within Mexico City, the main shopping area is centred around the Zona Rosa, which is bursting with local fashion boutiques, jewellers and shops selling antiques, paintings and leatherwear. Within the very heart of Mexico City's Zona Rose, the 12 blocks are the heart of the shopping action and where most people head.

The Polanco neighbourhood is another notable shopping district in Mexico City and lies on the north-eastern side of the Bosque de Chapultepec, tending to be one of the city's more upmarket places to spend your holiday money. In particular, the Avenida Presidente Masaryk within Polanco is a great spot for some serious window shopping, where designer outlets are plentiful and full of famous brands.

View of the city cathedral plazaWhen shopping in Mexico City, look out for the numerous shopping malls, centres and districts, such as those listed below: