Mexico City Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico)

Picture showing locals and tourists in central parkMexico City is one of the biggest and most exciting cities in Latin America and on the entire planet. Life in Mexico City is what you make it and the city has plenty to offer all of its visitors, ranging from historical ruins and gleaming architecture to modern cultural attractions.

There are a total of more than 15 tourist information offices (modules) in the city and all are operated by the Mexico City Ministry of Tourism, offering endless travel tips about life, events, restaurants and hotels in the city and generally what to expect during your stay.

Photo of the popular Paseo Reforma district

Useful Contact Details

Located within key parts of Mexico City and also at the four main bus terminals, the city's tourist offices are known for their useful 'Guia General' (general guide) and good map of the area.

There is usually at least one English-speaking member of staff present at Mexico City's tourist offices, with most of these outlets being open daily between the hours of 08:00 to 19:00.

Antropologia Tourist Office
Address: Calz Gandhi and Paseo de la Reforma (next to entrance to the Museo National de Antropologia), Mexico City, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 55 5286 3850

Basilica de Guadalupe Tourist Office
Address: Atrio de América, Mexico City, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 55 5748 2085

Bellas Artes Tourist Office
Address: Corner of Avenida Juárez and Peralta, between Alameda and Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 55 5518 2799

Catedral Tourist Office
Address: Monte de Piedad, western side of the Catedral Metropolitana, Mexico City, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 55 5518 1003

Coyocán Tourist Office
Address: Jardin Hidalgo 1, Casa de Cortés, Mexico City, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 55 5659 6009

Del Angel Tourism Module Tourist Office
Address: Paseo de la Reforma and Florencia, close to the Monumento a la Independencia, Mexico City, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 55 5208 1030

San Angel Tourist Office
Address: Plaza San Jacinto 11, Bazar del Sábado Market, Mexico City, Mexico, MX

Templo Mayor Tourist Office
Address: Seminario, eastern side of the Catedral Metropolitana, Mexico City, Mexico, MX

Xochimilco Tourist Office
Address: Calle del Mercado, Nuevo Nativitas Boat Landing, Mexico City, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 55 5653 5209

Zona Rosa Tourist Office
Address: Amberes 54 at Londres, Mexico City, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 55 5525 9380

View of the Plaza de Santo Domingo

Language and Dialect

Around 97 percent of the locals in Mexico City speak a Mexican version of traditional Castilian Spanish. The main differences are that Mexican's do not speak with a Castilian lisp and a number of indigenous words have also been incorporated into the dialect. Many of Mexico City's locals also speak English to some degree, particularly those involved in the tourism industry. However, Mexicans will always respond best if you attempt to speak to them in their native tongue and therefore, do consider bringing a Spanish phrasebook.

Dos and Don'ts