Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Mexico City

(Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico)

Mexico City Image of Alameda CentralFor some years now, Mexico City has been the chosen affordable health care destination for a large number of US and Canadian citizens. The city's warm climate, excellent visitor services and proximity to vibrant beaches, combined with the comparatively low cost of treatment in state-of- the-art facilities, has proved a winning combination.

Historically, medical tourism providers have focused on dentistry and cosmetic surgery in Mexico City. Nowadays, orthopaedic procedures are a popular option at private Mexico City hospitals, considered to be the best in the country and on a par with the high standards of quality and care in US medical facilities. Other advantages include non-existent waiting times and considerably lower charges for prescription medicines during aftercare.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

In addition to the advantages of affordability and excellent services, Mexico City's dry, warm climate ensures a comfortable and relaxed recuperation period. The many years of experience that local clinics have in dealing with international medical tourism patients has resulted in a standard of care based on individual needs. English is widely spoken and understood, an angle which gives Mexico City a strong advantage over the South-East Asian medical tourism destinations.

Combining surgery or other treatments with a luxury holiday either side of a procedure can easily cost no more in real terms than the procedure alone in the home countries of many patients. Private rooms with ultra-modern facilities and conveniences, as well as first-class nursing care, ensure a smooth experience, and recuperation in an upscale resort or spa provides pampering at just the right time.

Medical Procedures

In addition to cosmetic, dentistry and orthopaedic procedures, such as hip replacements, private Mexico City hospitals and clinics give expert services in cardiology, including bypass and open heart surgery. Eye surgery, fertility treatments and gastric bypass operations are also offered, as is oncology and neurology.

An essential part of a successful procedure is the relationship and level of communication between the surgeon, the support staff and the patient. Many medical tourists have commented that both specialists and staff in Mexico City relate with them in a far friendlier, informative and caring way than health professionals in their home countries.


Most private Mexico City hospitals geared to medical tourism are brand new and offer superb, up-to-date treatment and the latest equipment and innovations in their fields. Surgeons, doctors and nurses are highly trained and accredited, with many having studied and worked internationally.

Mexico City is home to the three most highly regarded private healthcare providers in the country - Medica Sur, Hospital Espagnol and Hospital Angeles. The Hospital Medica Sur, founded in 1982 as a speciality centre, now has extensive centres of excellence including one at Mexico City's Medical University.

The Hospital Angeles serves more medical tourists than any other hospital in the world, and the Espagnol boasts collaborative partnerships with the Mayo Clinic and other respected medical centres in the US.