Halifax Shopping and Districts

(Halifax, Nova Scotia - NS, Canada)

Halifax will not disappoint those who love to shop and many areas feature large shopping centers, malls and concentrations of local shops. Ranging from historical department stores to large, modern malls, Halifax has it all.

The Halifax Shopping Center is one of the area's premier retail highlights and contains over 150 shops. Also, Mic Mac Mall can be found in the city suburbs and offers more than 170 different stores, including a number of popular eateries.

Opening Hours

Generally conforming to typical opening hours throughout North America, shops and shopping centers in the Halifax area open from 09:30 to 18:00 from Monday through Saturday, although many do remain open until as late as 21:00. The majority of Nova Scotia shops do choose to close on Sundays.

Shopping Centers and Malls

Barrington Place Shops
Address: 1903 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), B3J 3L7, Canada
Tel: +1 902 429 3660
The Barrington Place Shops are housed in a historic mall building, dating back to the early 1900s. With a convenient car park nearby and more than 30 shops, the Barrington Place Shops is worth a visit and is well placed for exploration of the city center.

Empire Theaters
Address: 190 Chain Lake Drive, Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), B3S 1C5, Canada
Tel: +1 902 876 4848
Located in downtown Halifax, Empire Theaters is a large multi-screen cinema complex, with an IMAX theater and many major shops and restaurants nearby.

Harborside Market
Address: 1869 Upper Water Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), B3J 1S9, Canada
Tel: +1 902 422 3077
Standing on the scenic waterfront, Harborside Market is home to many local shops and specialty stores, together with a number of eateries with superb views.

Halifax Shopping Center
Address: 7001 Mumford Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), B3L 2H8, Canada
Tel: +1 902 453 1752
Close to downtown, the Halifax Shopping Center is one of the city's largest retail complexes and contains more than 150 shops. Home to many notable department stores and high-street chains, highlights here include top fashion boutiques and clothing stores, such as The Gap. The center is closed on Sundays.

Mic Mac Mall
Address: 21 Mic Mac Boulevard, Exit 5, Highway 111, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (NS), B3A 4K6, Canada
Tel: +1 902 466 2056
Located on the outskirts of the city, Mic Mac Mall is home to around 170 different shops, providing the ultimate experience for shopaholics. With many fast-food outlets and shops including bookstores, toy shops and clothing outlets, Mic Mac Mall has much to offer and is open Monday through Saturday.

Park Lane
Address: 5657 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), B3J 3R4, Canada
Tel: +1 902 420 0660
Park Lane is a popular shopping mall in the city center, with around 50 shops, an impressive food court and a multi-screen cinema.

Spring Garden Place
Address: 5640 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), B3J 3M7, Canada
Tel: +1 902 420 0675
Spring Garden Place is known not only for its extensive facilities, but also for its numerous top restaurants and coffee shops. Featuring homeware stores, jewellers, fashion boutiques and shoe shops, Spring Garden Place stands between Brenton Street and Dresden Row, in the downtown area.

Village at Bayers Road
Address: 7071 Bayers Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), B3L 2C2, Canada
Tel: +1 902 453 2630
Situated on the western side of Halifax, the Village at Bayers Road is a popular mall containing a range of shops, from hairdressers and bargain stores, clothes outlets and jewelry.

West End Mall
Address: 6960 Mumford Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), B3L 4P1, Canada
Tel: +1 902 455 4101
Home to a selection of shops, the West End Mall is one of the shopping highlights in the West End district and is conveniently close to the main bus terminal.