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(Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela)

In spite of its size and commercial importance, Maracay's nearest non-military airport is at Valencia's Arturo Michelena International Airport, which receives flights from Caracas.

There may be no trains in the region, but long-distance bus travel is widely used and considered to be a reasonably safe mode of public transport, and a very affordable way of getting between Venezuelan cities. Local bus transport in Maracay is often another story, meaning that the safest and most reliable way to travel in the city is by taxi or hire car.

Maracay is landlocked and as a result there are obviously no ferry services, although it may be worth noting that a hydroplane does run along the shores of Lake Valencia.

Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN) / Arriving by Air

Address: Avenida Ernersto Branger, Valencia, Venezuela, VE
Tel: +58 237 221 1114
The closest non-military airport to Maracay is at Valencia, some 60 km / 37 miles to the west of the city. An active airport, it has few facilities and hosts domestic flights to Caracas, Los Roques and several other Venezuelan cities, with local airlines such as Avior. International flights run to Frankfurt, Bogota, Panama City, and Curacao. There is a small selection of car rental at the airport if required, while buses and taxis travel from here to Valencia city centre, where you can take a bus direct to Maracay.

Car Rental

Car rental can easily be arranged in Maracay with several companies located in the city centre. However, self-drive enthusiasts who are planning to tour the area should note the roads up into the mountains are considered dangerous, due to their poor condition. The national highway is well maintained and spans the length of the country, allowing you to explore the state of Aragua and beyond with relative ease.

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Buses and Coaches

The city's bustling bus station is a 20-minute walk from the city centre, being located along the Avenida Constitucion and regularly plying the Avenida Las Delicias. Local bus transport connects Barquisimeto (three hours), Caracas (one hour and 30 minutes), Ciudad Bolivar (nine hours), Coro (seven hours), Maracaibo (eight hours and 30 minutes), Merida (11 hours), Puerto La Cruz (seven hours), San Cristobal (12 hours), San Fernando de Apure (seven hours) and Valencia (one hour). These uncomfortable buses also run around town, but can get crowded and there is always a risk of pick-pocketing, so be sure to remain vigilant when it comes to your personal possessions. For travel further into the hinterland, a hired car, organised tour or car and driver is best.


As in the rest of Latin America, taxis are easily available and useful for short journeys between attractions, but care needs to be taken. Always make sure that you can agree on a price before beginning your journey, and stick to cabs cruising the main roads, especially at night.