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Fun Not to Far Away From the Coast
The people in Venezuela are fantastic. We had a great time in Maracay getting shown around the city by some local girls - a really beautiful city.
Posted on 27/10/2011 by Vachel Leon

Just a Rest Period
Had amazing travels in South America including Venezuela. Maracay was pretty lackluster compared to other places, but its true that the beaches are pretty stunning and great if you're looking for some quiet time away from crowds. There is the Museo Aeronautico and a couple plaza listed as tourists sites. They aren't all that interesting to see, but good places to be around other people. The city is mostly used as a place to layover before moving on elsewhere. It has all the major conveniences like drug stores, hospitals etc. And there is plenty to do at night like go to clubs and bars. Omigos is a pretty cool place with an outdoor beer garden.
Posted on 21/8/2011 by Jamie Hurley

Re. Nice Museums and Food
We also really enjoyed Churchill Steakhouse - it was nice to have staff that could understand us.
Posted on 25/1/2011 by Tony Franks

Nice Museums and Food
Many people we met said to go to the steak restaurant - Churchill Steakhouse. It was good - very nice service. Most of the time, the food was wonderful everywhere we went also, but sometimes it was difficult to order specifications in English. There are some museums to see, but not too much else to do. We recommend to go to the beach during the week they are quiet at that time.
Posted on 20/1/2011 by Tyra Iversen

Nice Views, Bland Hotels
The hotels are a slight expensive for what you get in Maracay and there nowhere to stay near the coast. The skies are often very clear and you can see some amazing sites by hiking up the local mountainside.
Posted on 22/6/2009 by Tomas Harnosand

Pretty Scenery and Beach Country
There are some beautiful beaches in Maracay, but you must find transportation to get there. You can take the bus from the city center even. The roads are very winding and make me sick a little, but a nice journey to see out of the city.
Posted on 14/2/2009 by Jovita Pena