Piura Shopping and Districts

(Piura, Peru)

Picture of central street and shoppersThere are many different shopping possibilities that present themselves around Piura and its surrounding towns. The Piura Province is well known in Peru for its local crafts, ceramics and colourful clothing.

In particular, many of the shops in the city sell the exquisite earthenware pottery from the neighbouring village of Chulucanas, which has been produced here for more than 2,000 years and dates as far back as pre-Columbian days. Those looking for souvenirs of Piura will likely find that hand-painted Chulucanas pottery will appear at the very top of their shopping list, along with exquisite silver filigree handicrafts and very affordable coral jewellery.

Central city view

Where to Shop

Within Piura itself, there are a number of well-placed grocery stores, such as the Costo supermarket on the Ovalo Grau and also the nearby Carito Minimarket. To experience the local shopping scene, do check out the lively Mercado Modela market, which is located on the Sanchez Cerro.

There is also a small shopping centre within Piura's modern cinema complex, which is often of interest to holiday makers, especially when a good movie is being screened.

Further photo of the city centreClose by and some 12 km / 7 miles to the south-west of Piura, the small town of Catacaos is the self-proclaimed shopping capital of the area's Peruvian handicrafts, which are known locally as 'artesania'.

In fact, the arts market within Catacaos ranks as the best in the whole of northern Peru and covers several blocks, being busiest on Saturday and Sunday.