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Re. Take a personalised tour and close look at Piura
Most of the tour agencies are just English and Spanish but there are some that have English, Spanish, and German. Not sure where you went to but it sounds like the Mancora Rizla Team helped you out.
Posted on 10/6/2011 by Charlie Watkins

Take a personalised tour and closer look at Piura
I was advised by a friend that has been before to take a personalised tour of Piura. Most of them see you on the back of a motorbike looking at the beaches and coast. There are activities such as turtle watching and you have the choice of stopping-off anywhere that takes your fancy. My tour was in English but I'm sure I heard languages other than English and Spanish being spoken by the guides at the office.
Posted on 30/5/2011 by Charlie Watkins

Re. Follow in the footsteps of a literary giant
Have to agree with this. Was the only attraction related to the arts that I could get my husband to see. He loves fishing though so I think the things you mentioned are what attracted him to taking the tour with me.
Posted on 22/1/2010 by Mrs C

Follow in the footsteps of a literary giant
We'd enjoyed all of the attractions and activities tied to Ernest Hemingway while on a 2005 holiday to Cuba, which is why there was no hesitation to sign-up for the Hemingway route. Most tour groups offer it and it gives you a great chance to head to some of his favourite spots around the area. Great for those interested in fishing or Hemingway.
Posted on 20/1/2010 by Mick Richards

Peruvian beaches
I understand that people mostly come to Piura for its history because it's so old but the beaches drew me in just as much. Colan Beach - or La Esmerelda - is among the frontrunners for the most popular beach in town but Mancora and Cabo Blanco are never too far behind. The latter two will definitely appeal to surfers.
Posted on 26/5/2009 by Lisa Blair