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Re. Daring Food Adventures
Hmmm... yes. I was particularly freaked out by the turtles. Take a camera.
Posted on 25/2/2012 by Mark Halsey

Daring Food Adventures
Be sure and visit the Belen Market. It is where all the locals go and some of the food will shock you a bit, but it is well worth the lesson.
Posted 29/11/2011 by Mitchell North

Back to Basics
The giant anaconda and other animals is probably the most amazing thing. It is the city of the gateway to the Amazon, so expect a darker side of Peru. No fancy clubs or bars. Just the wild and interesting adventures. The animals are great, but you can go on tour of the local village also. They will show you how the people of the Amazon area live from the land.
Posted 29/7/2010 by Warrane Adam

Amazing Amazon
I have never seen anything like it. Take the mosquito spray! The top attractions are the animal shelter and the butterfly home. The people are friendly, but English is trouble.
Posted on 10/4/2010 by Janna Tomasson

The Most Exotic Place I've Ever Been
I'm NOT a fan of snakes, spiders, the jungle etc. but took this on as a challenge to myself and was very happy. I booked my accommodation online - it was more rundown than I had hoped, but my room was free of creepy crawlies. Restaurants were not, however, so the constant scratching and swatting while eating did get to be a bit much. There were plenty of other lone travelers there, so it was easy to meet people and make new friends. We booked a boat tour together and I was happy to have people there with me to navigate through all the language barriers and general confusion of what we were actually doing. I also got sick a few times, but nothing too serious. Tablets from the local pharmacia seemed to help out with that enough.
Posted on 17/12/2009 by Abi Richardson

A Chance of a Lifetime
We were pleasantly surprised with our holiday to this part of Peru. It was a soul-searching adventure and I'm so happy that we had the opportunity to meet the people and see what the Amazon is really all about. A great place and sweet town that still echoes that heart of the people.
Posted on 16/3/2008 by D. Roberts