Machu Picchu Maps and Orientation

(Machu Picchu, Peru)

View of the Machu Picchu ruinsLocated in southern Peru, the spectacular Inca site of Machu Picchu is conveniently close to Cusco, where most people choose to base themselves. Discovered as recently as the 20th century, these ancient ruins warrant close inspection and will likely be the definitive highlight of a holiday in Peru.

Machu Picchu can be found on a prominent, terraced mountain ridge, where it overlooks the adjacent Urubamba Valley and Urubamba River. A number of short and often rather steep walks are available around the hillsides, with most people arriving here along the famous Inca Trail.

Maps and Orientation of the Area

Standing between two mountains, Machu Picchu offers breathtaking valley views and boasts a magnificent backdrop. Many visitors to Machu Picchu arrive as part of an organised guided tour, although those simply planning a self-guided trek will find that a simple map should more than suffice.

Local guides may be available for hire, although it is always advisable to agree a price beforehand, and make sure that the rate covers all of you, and is not per person. Popular high-altitude trails around Machu Picchu include a route throughout the mountains, towards Cusco, and a further trek through the Sun Gate.

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Map of Machu Picchu

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