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Re. The start of the trail
Seeing though the attraction you mentioned is sun-related, did you get to visit the Temple of the Sun? The best part of Machu Picchu in my opinion. As someone who works in construction, I was blown away by the stonework on this building. Amazing stuff!
Posted on 18/10/2011 by Jim Frost

The start of the trail
We decided to embark on the Inca Trail and the Sun Gate was the first experience we had of the ruins. A hike of around an hour to an hour and a half that is well worth it. Take the bus from Aguas Calientes if you're struggling for transport.
Posted on 28/9/2011 by Lizzie Pearson

Re. Don't believe the hype
My friend, I'm Peruvian. I agree with you, it definitely wasn't temple. Let me list them for you, the real ones. Main Temple, Temple of the Three Windows, and the Temple of the Sun. Hope you are have enjoyed my country!
Posted on 22/2/2010 by Sergio Conceicao

Don't believe the hype
The Temple of the Condor was my favourite attraction in Machu Picchu but was quite disturbing in many ways as well. I didn't believe that it was a temple for a minute, as to me it looked like some kind of torture chamber. Still worth a look, but maybe not for the faint-hearted.
Posted on 19/2/2010 by Hank Shocklee

The best Machu Picchu photos
We found that the best photos of Machu Picchu were taken from Wayna Picchu. It is a lovely walk to the top, full of beautiful scenery, but get there early as only 400 tourists are allowed up there everyday. The first 200 are announced at 7a.m.! So make sure you wake up at the crack of dawn.
Posted on 30/4/2009 by Janet Shepherd