San Jose Shopping and Districts

(San Jose, Costa Rica)

Central city viewThere is a good selection of shopping to be found within San Jose, with an array of Costa Rican handicrafts making good souvenirs. However, there are also many imported good for sale within San Jose, so if you are looking for something authentic and definitely made in Costa Rica, then you will need to shop carefully.

The markets of San Jose offer some of the most colourful and interesting shopping, often being good places to purchase some fresh coffee beans, which are usually considerably cheaper than those sold within the main tourist outlets.

Photo of shoppers and tourists in the city centreThe Mercado Central is a good place to begin your shopping adventure in the city and lies along the Avenida Central, the Avenida 1, and between the Calle 6 and the Calle 8. For handicrafts in San Jose, check out the nearby Mercado Artesanal, between the Calle 13 and Calle 15, where you will discover everything from tobacco and jewellery, to clothing, hammocks and textiles.

Where to Shop

The Avenida Central is also where many of the best shops in San Jose are to be found, and this pedestrianised street mall is lined with endless stores, as well as street venues.

Picture of local storesMost of these downtown shops tend to open at 08:00, Monday to Saturday, and then close at around 18:00 or later, although some may also take a lunch break.

Further notable shopping opportunities in San Jose include the daily street market on the Plaza de la Democracia, the gathering of souvenir shops on the Calle Central, and the selection of modern malls. The most popular shopping malls in San Jose are vast, such as the Multiplaza, the Real Cariari, the San Pedro and the Terra Mall, amongst many others.