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Re: Disappointing San Jose
Really? I had great time whilst in San Jose. Which hostel did you stay in? I found it a really interesting place, as it is the seat of the government and there is so much political and economic activity evident.
Posted on 02/9/2010 by Jill

Disappointing San Jose
I heard such good things about Costa Rica so was hoping that San Jose would live up the reputation, however I spent two days in a hostel here and it was more than enough. I went to one museum but apart from that I felt that unless you like shopping you will be bored during the day time.
Posted on 01/9/2010 by Jack

San Jose's Culture
There are still some remains of colonial style evident in San Jose. Stay here a while to get a full understanding of complex but interesting Costa Rican culture and history. Immerse yourself in the vibrant markets. The nightlife here is awesome.
Posted on 03/11/2010 by kaye forrester

Stop-over Boredom
We had to stop over in San Jose, as it seemed every other traveler was going there as well. It was not too bad and I have had worse stop over's but it didn't really show the real Costa Rica. A few days later we were on the beach - that was a lot better.
Posted on 03/2/2011 by Susan

Okay for a Couple of Days
Like everyone else, we were just here waiting to move on to our resort; however I was really pleasantly surprised. Although not that pretty to look at it is definitely the real Costa Rica, exuding its turbulent history with confidence.
Posted on 03/2/2011 by Janet Canada