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Re. Beautiful Sunsets
We also loved watching the sunsets in Natal so we took a boat cruise down the Potengi River. As the sun set we saw the town from a different perspective and the changing light gave a magical quality to the historical sites that we saw along the way. There was even an audio guide with a variety of language options.
Post on 19/3/2012 by Georgia Greer

Beautiful Sunsets
We made sure that we watched the sunset every evening and two of our favourite spots were Genipabu Beach and Potengi River. One evening we went for cocktails at sunset and this was the perfect way to end the day.
Post on 15/3/2012 by Paul Burns

Fort dos Reis Magos
The fort is an interesting shape and it was constructed in 1598. We came across this site when we were walking along the beach and it was an added bonus to our outing.
Post on 05/2/2012 by Sarah Logans

Camara Cascudo Museum
I wanted know more about Natal's history so I headed to the museum, which was packed full of helpful information. Of particular interest to me was the culture displays and I loved hearing the stories of local legends. This site really helped me understand the people of Natal better and the entrance fee was worth it.
Post on 10/9/2011 by Luke Atkins

Alberto Maranhao
We went to see a show at the theatre and it was a great night out. The building was completed in 1904 and it is the largest theatre in Natal.
Post on 07/2/2011 by Ashley Chase