Attractions Nearby Natal, Day Trips and Excursions

(Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil)

Head to the south of Natal and it won't be long until you encounter some truly wonderful beaches and related attractions. The coastline of Rio Grande do Norte has so much to offer day trippers, with the Praia da Pipa being easily reached from Natal and ranking as one of the region's most notable attractions. Buses regularly travel between the Praia da Pipa and Natal's Rodoviaria Nova terminal, with up to ten running each day.

Located just 15 km / 9 miles to the north of Ponta Negra, the twin towns of Pirangi do Norte and Pirangi do Sul are divided by a meandering river. These attractions make for popular excursions from Natal, with the Pirangi beaches featuring clear water and natural tide pools highly suitable for snorkelling.

General Information

Directly to the north of Natal, the coastline is relatively built up and stretches as far as Praia de Zumbi (Zumbi Beach), which lies approximately 60 km / 37 miles away. Along the way you will pass numerous attractions, such as sand dunes, traditional villages and vast beachfronts.

Those planning day trips from Natal may like to consider exploring the coastline between Genipabu and Galinhos, Stretching for almost 200 km / 124 miles, this attraction comprises literally dozens of enticing sandy beaches. The further you travel from Natal, the more quiet these beaches become, and so if you are looking for an isolated beach virtually to yourself, then keep driving. A number of these beaches come with reef pools, suitable for snorkelling when the tide is low. Maracajau and its outlying coral reefs is an extremely popular excursion.

Sao Miguel do Gostoso serves as something of a weekend destination for locals from Natal and lies some 108 km / 67 miles to the north-west, where attractions include quiet beaches, restaurants and bars. Further afield and still to the north-west is the fishing village of Galinhos, where pristine beaches stretch for more than 2 km / 1.5 miles, towards a lighthouse.

At roughly 85 km / 53 miles to the north of Natal, Touros is widely thought to be one of the region's most beautiful destinations, residing at the very point where the east and north coastlines of Brazil meet. The attractions of Touros are plentiful, with the best including the Praia do Cajueiro, the Praia de Carnaubinha, the Praia das Garcas and the Praia de Perobas. Day trippers are strongly advised to visit the Farol do Calcanhar (Calcanhar Lighthouse), which was built in 1908 and measures in at some 62 metres / 203 feet, making it the tallest lighthouse in the whole of Brazil. Nearby, the Oscar Niemeyer monument is likely to be another highlight.