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Weird but Wonderful Transporter Bridge
The Newport Transporter Bridge is now more than 100 years old and crosses the River Usk. It must have seen some sights in its time! Crossing the bridge is a lot of fun and a little bit like a fairground ride crossed with a cable car. You are transported across the Usk in a big cradle, along with up to six or seven cars, with nice views of the way. There's not really that much on the other side, apart from a Visitors Centre. Pedestrians can use the bridge for free and cars are about 50 pence, although it might have gone up slightly since I last used it.
Posted on 2/03/2008 by Caroline Knight

Tourist Information Centre in Newport
The Tourist Information Centre in the city is located on John Frost Square and is right next to the Newport Museum and Art Gallery. The centre is a good place to get leaflets and maps, and the museum is a good place to enjoys some aerial views and get acquainted with the city's past. The Art Gallery upstairs has an unusual collection of paintings depicting coal miners and related scenery. And best of all, there was no charge whatsoever - completely free. That was a good excuse to buy a cream cake and cup of tea in the cafe!
Posted on 2/11/2007 by J. Ross

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