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(Newport, Gwent, South Wales, UK)

View of the regionThe third-biggest city in the whole of the country, Newport stands in the Gwent area of Wales and is an important centre of industry and commerce. However, much of central Newport has retained its Victorian character and does contain some rather elegant architecture, such as the unusual and stylish Transporter Bridge, a sky-blue structure, which is more than 100 years old and transfers cars across the River Usk in a cradle-like cage. In recent years, the city of Newport has undeniably become more tourist friendly, with a strong tourism vibe in many areas, especially during the summer months, when the shopping streets around John Frost Square can become extremely busy. The restaurants in Newport have also improved and now offer a rather cosmopolitan approach to cooking.

Newport is located alongside the Severn Estuary and is close to the mount of the meandering River Usk. Following the demise of the city's coal mining and iron industries, Newport has turned to tourism more and more, welcoming visitors at every opportunity. When arriving here, a visit to the Newport (Gwent) Tourist Information Centre (TIC) within the Museum and Art Gallery on John Frost Square is in order, when the staff will offer some useful tourist information about the city's main districts, including the Caerleon, Pillgwenlly, Rogerstone and Stow Hill areas, together with general tourism advice.

Photo showing the Cwmbran Boating LakeMany top tourist attractions are scattered around the city of Newport and include the extremely popular open-top guided bus tours - available during the summer months and offering live commentary, with information about the city's past; walking and hiking - with many popular walking trails taking in much of the surrounding countryside; the Riverfront Theatre and the Dolman Theatre - both featuring seating for more than 400 people and a good programme of plays, musicals and concerts; two popular cinemas - with one cinema along Bridge Street in the city centre, and a further multi-screen complex at the Newport Retail Park; the Newport Centre - a superb leisure centre with a large swimming pool and an extensive range of sporting facilities; Belle Vue Park - dating back to the end of the 19th century and offering plenty of Victorian charm and botanic specimens; and also Beechwood Park - a historic parkland with playing fields, tennis courts and a bowling green. More information about Newport Tourist Attractions.

Around Newport you will also discover a number of rather eye-catching buildings, many of which have a particularly interesting past. Newport's main landmarks include the Westgate Hotel - with battle scars from the famous Chartist riot of 1839; St. Woolos Cathedral - a grand building with a mixture of architectural styles and some original 11th-century features; Newport Castle - important listed remains including two prominent octagonal towers and a courtyard area; Tredegar House - a grand 17th-century residence, surrounded by a vast parkland with woodland walks and a large boating lake; and the Caerleon Amphitheatre Barracks and Baths - a particularly ancient site with roman fortress ruins believed to be around 2,000 years old. More information about Newport Landmarks.

Some of Newport's most notable museums and art galleries include the city's outstanding 'Open-Air Museum' - which offers a sculpture trail around the city, passing many prominent art works along the way; Newport Museum and Art Gallery - with an outstanding collection of paintings and ceramics, including works by a number of famous artists, together with historical information about the city; the Riverfront Art Gallery - a notable venue with many changing exhibitions, lectures and workshops; and the Ffwrrwm Arts and Crafts Centre - sited in the suburban village of Caerleon and known for its sculpture garden. More information about Newport Museums and Art Galleries.

Picture of nearby Cardiff BatClose to Newport are a number of lively towns and cities, where you will find plenty of tourist attractions to enjoy. The most popular day trips from Newport include visits to the nearby capital city of Cardiff, the coastal city of Swansea and its neighbouring Gower Peninsula, the historic industrial town of Merthyr Tydfil, Barry Island and its Pleasure Park, and also the English city of Bristol, complete with is eye-catching suspension bridge and top tourism opportunities. More information about Newport Attractions Nearby.

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