Bursa Skiing, Mount Uludag and Ski Resorts

(Bursa, Turkey)

Photo of Mount Uludag resortThe Mount Uludag ski resort has become a premier attraction in the Bursa province and Marmara region of Turkey and is now part of the Uludag National Park. Many tourists are extremely surprised to find the opportunity to enjoy winter skiing so close by, and flock here from Bursa.

Mount Uludag literally means the 'Grand Mountain' and offers a range of winter sports, including both skiing and snowboarding, and during the warmer summer months, lends itself to an array of recreational activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and camping. Featuring an altitude of more than 2,500 metres / 8,200 feet, whatever the time of year, you can be assured exceptional views from Mount Uludag, which stretch well beyond Bursa on a fine day.

View of Mount Uludag

Bursa Skiing and Mount Uludag: General Information

Just over 35 km / 22 miles from Bursa and easily reached by road, the Mount Uludag ski centre is at most a 40-minute bus journey or drive away from the city. Skiing begins as early as December, with the snow tending to last well into April most years, with the best conditions falling between late December and early March.

Both cross-country skiing and Alpine skiing is available at the Uludag centre. Although facilities are not exceptional, they are more than adequate, with a chair lift, three separate ski lifts, experienced instructors, slalom runs, and a number of shops hiring all of the necessary equipment.

Further image of Mount Uludag resortA choice of accommodation is offered around Mount Uludag, coming in the form of small hotels and chalets.

Further ski resorts in Turkey are to be found at Mount Erciyes, close to Kayseri and to the far south-east of Bursa, and also at Mount Palandoken, which stands alongside the town of Erzurum and on the eastern side of Turkey. Although both of these winter resorts are a fair trek away, they are guaranteed snow, even during the very mildest of Turkish winters.