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Kites in the Sky
Go to the Kite Festival - So fun!
Posted on 01/8/2011 by Emma Barker

Winter in Turkey
Bursa is really lovely in the winter. You can go to the mountain for skiing where you can rent all of the equipment even a costume to keep you dry.
Posted on 14/3/2011 by Sandra Charles

Great Food and Coffee
I loved the food and the street cafes, but it was sometimes difficult to places quickly. I found the hotel to be mostly clean and the staff helpful, but not cheerful.
Posted on 11/8/2010 by Melissa Fisher

Re. A Good Place to Check Out the Culture
My girlfriend also felt a bit funny about going in certain places, but we still liked to see how the city worked and it is a really beautiful place actually. Interesting architecture and lit up nice at night.
Posted on 28/7/2009 by Nick Harper

A Good Place to Check Out the Culture
My wife didn't enjoy Turkey as much. She felt it was a bit sexist, but we still had some good times. For a day out, I recommend the village of Golyazi. It is a small fishing village - the food is great and people a lot friendlier.
Posted on 10/7/2009 by Rog

A Day in the Life
Bursa hotels cost more than I was expecting to spend. The most there is to do is go to museums and look at buildings. Apparently there is good skiing in the winter. Ka Bar was a good place to hang out at night - kinda like a British pub I guess with a dartboard and music. A lot of tourists so a good place to meet some people if you're on your own.
Posted on 02/5/2009 by D. Walters