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Re. Great Turkish history lesson
Although it is a little further than the Archaeological Museum, I prefer MiniCity Antalya - a great speciality museum that gives you the chance to see the whole of Turkey in just an afternoon. Not as packed as the place you mentioned either.
Posted on 23/1/2012 by Simon C.

Re. Far but this World Heritage Site is worth it
There are nearer ruins at Perge if you would like to try them. There aren't as many cut-throat tour guides and you will find great amounts of space to yourself while getting some great exercise. Hadrian's Gate is another one.
Posted on 23/1/2012 by Simon C.

Great Turkish history lesson
I just had to put aside an afternoon just to see even half the stuff inside Antalya Archaeological Museum. There are just so many halls full of exhibitions and rooms laden with artefacts that take you through the ages of Turkish history. Easy to find less than a mile and a half from the city centre.
Posted on 30/12/2011 by Dave Bisping

Far but this World Heritage Site is worth it
We drew short straws for who would have to drive the 100 miles plus journey to the ruins at Hierapolis and Pamukkale but the eventual driver was just as pleased as the rest of the group once we had visited it. This is a unique place that hasn't been too damaged by tourism. The only complaint I would have is over the distance from Antalya and the prices the tour groups want you to pay.
Posted on 27/10/2010 by Shannon F

Lovely waterfall picnic
I take my boyfriend to Duden Waterfalls for the afternoon away from his relative. It was great and we don't have in Germany. So peaceful and tranquil. Also easy for us to arrive because less than 18 miles from Anyalya centre in taxi. Awesome waterfalls.
Posted on 27/3/2009 by Cristine