Antalya Hotels and Accommodation

(Antalya, Turkey)

Image showing the Titanic Beach Hotel in the Lara resortThe various different accommodation options within Antalya tend to be rather spread around the city. The most friendly and appealing hotels and pensions (traditional guesthouses) within Antalya are noticeably grouped within the Old City (Kaleici).

Accommodation in the Kaleici is also popular, since this part of Antalya remains almost entirely pedestrianised and provides an ideal base to explore the city's main attractions and restaurants. Hotels are understandably at their most expensive during the peak summer months, with some discounts offered outside of this busy season, particularly during the quiet Turkish winters.

Photo of the Sherwood resort

Where to Stay

The streets of the Kaleici can be a little confusing to find your way around and it is best to enter through Hadrian's Gate, and then take a stroll along the Hesapci Sokak.

From here, you will soon notice signposts directing you to the main pensions and hotels in this part of Antalya. These signs tend to be found on the street corners and along the interconnecting alleyways.

Further hotel picture, taken in the Sherwood resortIf you are searching out budget accommodation in Antalya, then the Lazer Pension on the Tabakhane Sokak is amongst the cheapest lodging, being perfect for backpackers and standing directly opposite the Sabah Pansiyon, in the Kaleici. Mid-range hotels in Antalya come in the form of the Minyon Hotel on the Tabakhane Sokak, the Secret Palace on the Finn Sokak, and the historical Villa Perla on the Hesapci Sokak.

Close by, for luxury accommodation in Antalya, consider the 18th-century - a rather grand Ottoman-style mansion with a spacious courtyard, complete with Roman columns. The Marina Residence on the Mermeril Soko is another reliable top-end choice and unusually features an outdoor pool with a glass window into the cafe.