Antalya Events, Things to Do and Festivals

(Antalya, Turkey)

Marina photographAntalya celebrates all of Turkey's national festivals and major events, including those on the Islamic calendar, the dates of which vary from year to year. The city of Antalya also has a number of its own festivals, which are unique and designed to promote the city or celebrate its distinctive cultural characteristics.

The highlight of the Muslim calendar is Eid ul-Fitr, as it gives locals a chance to kick back after the fasting of Ramadan. Of the non-religious events on the calendar, the 18-day Antalya Festival in September is a big one, offering plenty of things to do for all the family.

Antalya Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015


  • New Year's Day - January 1st, many locals see this as a day of rest and family gatherings after the vibrant celebrations of the eve before


  • Kurban Bayrami (Festival of Sacrifice) - lasting for four days in February and celebrates the sacrifice of Abraham for Isaac


  • Milad-un-Nabi - celebrated nationwide every March, this Islamic festival is the official celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad


  • National Sovereignty Day - this nationwide celebration is held on April 23rd and marks the opening of the Grand National Assembly in 1920. It is a day for families to come together and sees activities aimed at children


  • Commemoration of Ataturk (Youth and Sports Day) - May 19th, the activities of this national holiday are aimed largely at children and are held in memory of the arrival of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the country's first president, at the city of Samsun during the Turkish War of Independence


  • Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival - held in June and July at Aspendos, near the city of Antalya, this festival is a celebration of song and dance, and a showcase for a variety of international performers


  • Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival - continuing from June, this festival presents cultural performances at the ancient Roman Theatre of Aspendos


  • International Folk Music and Dance Festival Competition - a lively cultural celebration attracting performers from across the globe
  • Antalya Honey Festival - this festival focuses on one of nature's sweetest gifts - honey, and is held in the Gündogmus area each August


  • Antalya Festival - the city's annual celebration of its culture lasts for 18 days, beginning on the 12th and finishing on the 29th of the month
  • Golden Orange Film Festival (Altin Portakal Film Festival) - late September / early October, highly respected in the international film community, this festival is a showcase of some of the best 'Indie' flicks from around the world


  • Ramadan - falling in October or September, depending on the Islamic calendar, this is the Muslim month of abstinence and sees locals fasting during daylight hours. Shops and services may operate restricted hours during this time


  • Eid ul-Fitr - beginning a month after the start of Ramadan, Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the period of abstinence and sees three days of religious service and get-togethers between friends and family


  • Eid al-Adha - the slightly longer of the two Eid festivals, this is a four-day celebration during which locals put on their best clothing, animals are sacrificed and prayer and feasting take place