Lucerne Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Lucerne, Switzerland)

Lucerne, Switzerland, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, due to its beautiful location alongside Lake Lucerne, with a view of the majestic Swiss Alps. It is the capital city of the canton of the same name, with its extended city area being home to population of over 200,000 residents.

Purchasing a home here can be expensive, just as it is elsewhere in Switzerland, although a thorough search should reveal a property within a reasonable price range, even if it is more expensive than a similar home in another EU country.

The high number of tourists who come to spend time in Lucerne makes it somewhat difficult to find a serviced apartment, as many of the units are occupied already. Nevertheless, if you start your search well in advance of your actual move-in date, you will be sure to find something that more than adequately suits your needs.

Renting Serviced Apartments

Renting rather than owning is the norm throughout Switzerland. This fact, coupled with Lucerne being a popular tourist spot, means that there are a wide variety of serviced apartments in the metropolitan area, with contemporary amenities such as high-speed Internet, cable or satellite TV, and adequate security.

You should be prepared to pay at least two and sometimes three months' rent prior to your move-in date. This cost includes payment of the first month's rent, plus a security deposit, designated by the landlord and fully refundable upon completion of the lease. Unlike many European and American cities, most landlords in Swiss cities do not deal directly with the tenant when it comes to rentals and viewing, making the use of a realtor necessary even when renting.

Buying Apartments and Houses

It is not difficult to purchase a home in Switzerland if you are a foreigner, as there are few bureaucratic hoops to jump through in terms of licenses and permissions. Furthermore, interest rates are low, and many federal laws have been put in place to promote home purchase for both the native Swiss and visitors from other countries.

Closing costs can be more than twice as much in Lucerne than in other first-world cities, and ten percent of the total value of the home in the form of additional fees is not uncommon. In terms of financing options, the Swiss have opened several new avenues for acquiring a loan, with institutions other than Swiss banks now offering this service.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are abundant in Lucerne, although finding one can be a difficult task is you do not speak German. However, many agents do have bilingual staff, and an Internet search should certainly help.

Check out the following Lucerne real estate agents:

Better Homes
Address: Alpenstrasse 7, Lucerne, CH-6004, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 041 500 0340
Better Homes has locations throughout Switzerland, and the Lucerne branch can help you find a home or serviced apartment in the area.

Arag Immobilien
Address: Lindenhausstrasse 2, Lucerne, CH-6000, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 041 318 0218
Arag Immobilien has highly qualified staff that can assist you in your search for a home or serviced apartment.

Livit Real Estate Management
Address: Kauffmannweg 4, Lucerne, CH-6003, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 041 583 603 454
Livit Real Estate can find the best home to suit your needs in the Lucerne area.