Dundee Restaurants and Dining

(Dundee, Scotland, UK)

Cityscape photo taken from Law HillThere's no shortage of varied dining opportunities in Dundee, with its profusion of restaurants offering a selection of local and international dishes at all levels and all prices.

For fine dining on that special occasion, celebrated restaurants are found in several of the upscale hotels in Dundee city centre and along the waterfront, with seafood a popular ingredient. From fusion, French and nouvelle cuisine to traditional Scottish dishes owing much to oatmeal and offal, and that all-time favourite - fish and chips, there's plenty of choice.

St. Andrews view

What to Eat, and Where

For a continental or even an Asian evening, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Indian, Chinese and Thai eateries are easily found, as are local restaurants specialising in the famous Aberdeen Angus steaks. For lunch on the go, fast-food joints are located in the malls and on the shopping streets, and for a leisurely evening meal, a dining venue with a view of the harbour is just what's needed. Dundee's pubs are great for a filling, pub-grub experience and all pride themselves on their stock of single malt whiskies and local strong beers.

As with most coastal port cities, seafood dining is a favourite choice at local restaurants. Fresh from the North Sea come lobsters, crab and many varieties of fish, with even the ubiquitous fish and chips served in various forms at both upscale and takeaway eateries. Steakhouses here are as good as you will get, with Scottish beef known worldwide for its fine flavour and tenderness.

The local cuisine in Dundee depends on traditional staples such as game meats, with boar when available, venison, grouse and other wild birds served with root vegetables such as turnips and swedes. Traditional cuisine here is simple, warming and filling, with oatmeal playing a major part in Scots porridge, griddled oatcakes served with lashings of fresh butter, and as a thickening for rich stews and soups. Barley is also often used in soups and stews.

The national dish, haggis (about which famed Scots poet Rabbie Burns wrote his best-known ode), is delicious, even though it uses parts of a sheep not usually mentioned. All in all, Dundee restaurants can be anything you want them to be, and dining out here is always likely to be an enjoyable experience.