Oslo Weather, When to Go and Climate Information

(Oslo, Ostlandet, Norway)

Photo of the Royal Palace in the summerWhatever the season, Oslo's distinctive weather and seasonal changes mean that there is always plenty to do in the way of recreational outdoor activities. The summer climate and lengthy daylight hours offer a time to relax, enjoy the sunshine and join in the many celebrations, such as Oslo's chamber music and jazz festivals each August.

However, when the snowy weather arrives each winter, the city takes on a completely different appearance and prepares for its next influx of tourists, since the city features its very own adjacent ski resort at Tryvann Vinterpark. Ice skating is also popular at various outdoor venues and on frozen lakes in some parks.

View of the promenade

Seasonal Climate Variations / When to Go

The hottest climate in Oslo predictably falls between June and August, when visitors can expect to enjoy plenty of sunny weather with highs approaching 30°C / 86°F. Precipitation levels in Oslo are slightly elevated during the summer, but the infrequent rain rarely affects sightseeing, remaining below 100 mm / 4 inches and dropping as low as 25 mm / 1 inch in March.

January is always Oslo's coldest month and the climate can be harsh, staying only barely above freezing by day and dropping to below -5°C / 23°F at night, or even further. By the time that April arrives, the frosty weather has almost disappeared, thanks in no small part to the warming air arriving from the Gulf Stream and the Atlantic. Daytime temperatures in April generally stay above 10°C / 50°F and quickly rise towards the end of the month, sometime reaching as high as 15°C / 59°F or more on the sunniest days.

Oslo Weather and Climate Chart (Averages)



-1°C / 30°F
-6°C / 21°F


0°C / 32°F
-5°C / 23°F


6°C / 43°F
-3°C / 27°F


10°C / 50°F
1°C / 34°F


15°C / 59°F
6°C / 43°F


19°C / 66°F
11°C / 52°F


22°C / 72°F
13°C / 55°F


23°C / 73°F
13°C / 55°F


16°C / 61°F
7°C / 45°F


10°C / 50°F
4°C / 39°F


3°C / 37°F
-1°C / 30°F


0°C / 32°F
-4°C / 25°F