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The Akershus Fortress
The Akershus Fortress was built to help protect the city from possible coastal attacks and invasions. It is made up of a number of medieval buildings and some are more than 700 years old. This is a really interesting fortress with a really interesting history. Bring your camera - because you'll want to remember the views of the Aker Bryggethe and the harbour - but it's lovely when the sun is setting...
Posted on 4/3/2008 by Katherine Stafford

The City Hall
The City Hall is Oslo is quite different to many city halls in European capitals - since it is quite modern. Building work started in 1931 and then it was finally inaugurated almost 20 years later - wonder why it took so long to build? It's quite nice, but hardly a palace. This is where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded, in December.
Posted on 20/10/2007 by Bet Nyler

Aker Brygge - in the borough of Frogner
We can to Aker Brygge to see what all the fuss was about. It is a historic ship yard which was closed down in 1982. However, since then, it has been revitalised into a rather trendy spot, with luxury apartment blocks, marinas and loads of waterfront places to eat. This is definitely a nice place to come, but because it is understandably so popular, the cafes and shops all seem to capitalise on its popularity - everything seems to be expensive. The City Hall (Radhus) and the historic fortress are both nearby.
Posted on 10/6/2007 by Lola T.

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