Oslo Golf Courses and Clubs

(Oslo, Ostlandet, Norway)

Photo of clubhouseNorway's golfing scene is thriving and thanks to Oslo's proximity to the warming Gulf Steam, the city's golfing season is somewhat longer than colder parts of Norway. Most golf courses surrounding Oslo remain open from April right up until the end of October, compared with the shorter season of May to September in most other areas.

Playing golf in Oslo during the summer months also has the advantage of long daylight hours, meaning that many people choose to tee-off in the evenings or later, and so finding an available slot is usually fairly easy. Golf courses here also enjoy some of Europe's most spectacular scenery, with everything from mountains and valleys, to lush countryside with lakes and streams.

Picture of local clubLocated within the Greater Oslo area, the Bogstadvannet Golfklubb lies alongside the shore of Lake Bogstad, close to the beach.

This tranquil resort also features a camping site and many pleasant walking trails. Just over 8 km / 5 miles from the city centre, Oslo Golfklubb is amongst the closest and most popular of all the courses, featuring 18 holes, a yardage of just over 6,700 and a golfing par of 72.

Bogstadvannet Golfklubb

Address: Sorkedalen 826, Oslo, NO-0758, Norway, NO

Baerum Golfklubb

Address: Baerum Golfklubb, Baerum, NO-1355, Norway, NO
Tel: +47 06 756 3085

Drobak Golfklubb

Address: Belsjoveien 50, Drobak, NO-1440, Norway, NO
Tel: +47 06 493 1680

Groruddalen Golfklubb

Address: Postboks 37, Stovner, Oslo, NO-0913, Norway, NO
Tel: +47 02 221 6718

Oslo Golfklubb

Address: Bogstad, Ankerveien 127, Oslo, NO-0757, Norway, NO
Tel: +47 02 251 0560

Oustoen Country Club

Address: Fornebu, NO-1330, Norway, NO
Tel: +47 06 753 5295