Getting Around, The Hague Travel, Transport and Car Rental

(The Hague / Den Haag, South Holland, Netherlands)

Picture of bicycles parked at ScheveningenVisitors looking for public transport in The Hague will find that it comes in the form of buses and trams, allowing you to travel to your chosen destination with relative ease. The Hague is divided into a series of different zoned areas, clearly marked on all good maps, with transportation charges being calculated according to zone.

Those planning to use Den Haag's public transport network will need to purchase 'strippenkaart' tickets in advance, which should be validated as you board the bus or tram. Many tourists travelling around The Hague often find that it is simpler and better value to buy day tickets, which can be purchased from the bus and tram drivers directly, or from newsagents, supermarkets, tourism outlets and either of the city's railway stations (Centraal Station and Hollands Spoor).

Photo showing the nearby Rotterdam Airport (RTM)

Airports / Arriving by Air

The closest airport to The Hague is actually Rotterdam Airport (RTM), although this is not particularly easy to reach using public transport. Therefore, many visitors prefer to fly into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) and then travel into central Den Haag using the speedy train connections. Car rental is readily available at both of these airports.

Rotterdam Airport (RTM) Guide

Amsterdam Airport (AMS) Guide

View of the central road system

Car Rental

Driving is a particularly popular way to travel around The Hague and many people choose to rent a car when they fly into the Netherlands. Various motorways are close to the city environs and Den Haag is linked to Amsterdam by both the A4 and A44, and also Rotterdam by the A13. Morning traffic jams are common on these stretches, and during the summer months, driving to The Hague's resort of Scheveningen can be slow, so visitors are always advised to leave early.

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The Hague is actually home to two main railway stations, which is often the cause of great confusion to visitors. The Centraal Station (CS) is located close to the city centre itself and is also an important transport hub for both buses and trams. Situated around 1 km / 0.5 miles to the south of the city centre, the Hollands Spoor (HS) station is conveniently located on the main railway line between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, while high-speed trains also travel between the HS and Paris. Both of Den Haag's railway stations offer public transport in the way of buses and trams.

Picture of city tram in action

Buses, Coaches and Trams

Buses and tram transport are always on hand in Den Haag and visitors will find that the majority of the main routes tend to converge at the Centraal Station (CS). The Hague's public transportation system is operated by HTM and transit maps are sold at the railway stations and also the tourist offices. Those planning to travel to the popular seaside resort of Scheveningen will find that trams numbers 1, 8 and 9 are the best option.

Multiday passes are available for one, two or three days and can offer good savings if you plan to travel on Den Haag's public transport extensively during your stay, being available from hotels, HTM kiosks and the tourist offices. Eurolines long-distance bus transport is also available in The Hague and these buses regularly travel from the bus station next to the Centraal Station.