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Den Haag's New City Hall (Stadthuis)
This is an impressive building and in the city centre, near to the railway station. The New City Hall is used for many different things and inside is a big library and the municipal archives.
Posted on 19/1/2008 by Donovan Jacobs

The Hague at the Binnenhof
The Binnenhof Castle is one of the Hague's most famous sights. We embarked on a guided tour and saw the Hall of Knights, where once a month that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands gives a speech - very grand room. The guided tour also gives a lot of information about other attractions, like the parliament.
Posted on 15/9/2007 by Miles Layden

The Palace Noordeinde
The royal palace is used by the Dutch queen and is near to the Scheveningen. This is a really important building and many foreign officials regularly come here on official state business.
Posted on 6/9/2007 by Andy McKenna

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