Sardinia Events, Things to Do and Festivals 2014 / 2015

(Sardinia, Italy)

Picture of crowds sunbathing on Spiaggia della Pelosa Beach, near Stintino, SardiniaSardinian culture is alive and well in cities, towns and villages across the island, with festivals and events happening virtually every month and appealing strongly to tourists. Many celebrations on Sardinia have a religious slant and involve lots of processions and dressing up.

Italy's major festivals are also enjoyed on the island, along with Sardinia Day and the tasting of wines from the region, with lots of things to do and enjoy, such as sports and activities, for spectators to join in with at major events.

Further photo of sunseekers on Spiaggia della Pelosa Beach

Sardinia Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015


  • New Year's Eve in Alghero - January 1st, Cap d'Any a l'Alguer features live music in the old town, followed by a grand firework display near the harbour. Bars stay open until sunrise the next morning
  • Sea Urchin Festival in Alghero - from January into mid-February, 'Bogamari' takes place every weekend in Alghero on Lungomare Barcelona Street, with lots of sea-urchin munching


  • Sa Sartiglia in Oristano - late February, a spectacular religious event where costumed men on horseback compete to wear a prized mask
  • Bosa Carnival - late February, a traditional carnival in this north-western town, running through the streets over three days. Shrove Tuesday is included


  • The Artichoke Festival in Uri - mid-March, a curious event not far from Alghero involving artichoke tasting and sporting and cultural events, and attracting thousands of locals and tourists alike


  • Saint George's Day - April 23rd, with religious and horseback processions during the San Giorgio Festival in Bonnanaro, Onifai and Bitti
  • Sardinia Day - April 28th, known locally as 'Sa Die de Sa Sardigna', one of the biggest celebrations of the year and best seen in Cagliari. This day ultimately celebrates the 1794 revolt at the hands of the so-called Sardinian Vespers


  • Sant'Efisio - early May, another big event in Cagliari has an effigy of Saint Efisio carried to Pula several kilometres to the south. Thousands of costumed people partake in the event
  • Cavalcata Sarda - in mid- to late May, approximately 3,000 horses descend on Sassari in north-west Sardinia for a massive procession and equestrian events


  • Cherries Festival - in late June, Belvi village in central Sardinia promotes cherries from Gennargentu and there are also delicious sweets to eat
  • St. John the Baptist Day - June 24th, San Giovanni is honoured in villages all over Sardinia with processions, horse racing, singing, dancing and fireworks


  • S'Ardia Horse Race - early July, takes place in Sedilo to honour San Constantino, with galloping beasts, gunshots ringing out and crowds of eager spectators


  • The Archers Tournament - August 7th, features two-dozen archers competing in medieval garb in the town of Iglesias, in southern Sardinia. A medieval parade kicks off the following week
  • Fireworks and Fried Fish - August 14th, in Alghero, together with a fantastic fireworks display at the harbour along Busquet walkway. The fireworks are followed by tasty fried fish for all


  • The Shoeless Men Run - September 3rd, Cabras is the locale for this dotty event which dates back 500 years and sees young men in a mock battle against the fearsome Saracens
  • Festival of Saint Michael - September 26th, the Fiesta Sant Miquel, Cagliari's patron saint, kicks off with parades and fireworks galore


  • Chestnut Fair - late October, a popular event known as Sagra della Castagna and including food, wine tasting and a costume parade, taking place in Aritzo


  • Mountain Products Agricultural Fair - early November, Desulo is the stage for handicraft and painting exhibitions, along with the traditional music of the region


  • Signum Judici - December 24th, St. Mary's Cathedral in Alghero is the stage for the ancient Sibyl chant, a poignant event dating back literally hundreds of years